Joseph Smith and Moon Quakers

26 Primary Sources

Jun 12, 1780

William Herschel explains his reasoning for believing the moon is inhabited.


Adam Clarke writes that the moon is a habitable globe.

Jun 1830

The Book of Moses 1 speaks of God creating many worlds.

Feb 16, 1832

Joseph has vision where he learns God created worlds that are inhabited.

Dec 7, 1836

William Huntington blessing to his son Oliver B. Huntington.


Duncan Bradford positively theorizes that the moon may be inhabited.

Jan 1845

Hyrum Smith teaches the sun, moon, and stars are inhabited.


John Stevens Cabot Abbott writes favorably about the moon behind inhabited in a school textbook.

Oct 1854

The Friend of Youth, and Child's Magazine posits that the moon must be inhabited.


Jeremiah Joyce concludes on scientific reasoning that the moon is inhabited.

Jul 2, 1856

Deseret News prints article arguing the moon is not inhabited.


Brigham wonders if the moon is inhabited, and says he thinks the sun might be.

Jun 1880

Pseudonymous author in LDS periodical The Contributor in 1880 says the moon is lifeless.

Jan 1881

Oliver Huntington records Joseph taught that the moon was inhabited.

Feb 1881

Oliver B. Huntington quotes Philo Dibble saying Joseph said the moon was inhabited.

Jun 11, 1884

Deseret News reports scientific arguments for the moon being inhabited.

Oct 23, 1887

Salt Lake Herald-Republican republishes scientific argument that the moon may once have been inhabited.

Aug 26, 1891

Provo Daily Enquirer runs an article arguing the moon is not inhabited.

Mar 1892

Oliver B. Huntington publishes his account of Joseph saying men lived on the moon.

Apr 1894

Oliver B. Huntington says he thinks he will preach to people on the moon in the afterlife.

Jul 1914

The Entertaining Magazine speculates that the moon may be inhabited.


Michael J. Crowe reviews Christian responses to cosmic pluralism in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Dan Vogel and Brent Lee Metcalfe discuss Huntington's journal entry preserving mention of Joseph saying moon was inhabited.


Joseph Smith Sr. blessing to Lorenzo Snow says he will preach on the moon.


Clifford J. Cunningham says that William Herschel believes the moon was inhabited.


NASA website describes current scientific understanding of the moon.