The Great Flood

94 Primary Sources

1200 BC - 600 BC

Hebrew text of Genesis 6–9 (story of Noah).

Aug 3, 1832

WW Phelps mentions Noah, earth being washed of wickedness.

Feb 1835

WW Phelps says Flood cleansed the earth.

Jul 1835

WW Phelps calls the Flood a baptism of the earth.


Snow discusses symbolic meaning of the Flood as like baptism.


Joseph mentions that the Flood cleansed the earth.

Mar 10, 1844

Joseph preaches that world was destroyed by a flood.


David C. Kimball says the Flood covered "the whole earth" and was a baptism.


Orson Spencer writes of a "universal deluge" at the time of Noah.

Apr 1, 1847

Poem in LDS periodical uses imagery of the Flood; says deluge swept "peace of human kind."

Jun 12, 1848

LDS periodical says Flood was a "universal deluge."

Jun 28, 1850

John Davis writes long narrative poem retelling the events preceding the Flood.


Orson Pratt teaches the Flood of Noah was a "universal deluge."

Jul 25, 1852

O. Pratt teaches that the earth was baptized by the Flood.

Sep 14, 1853

Brigham Young teaches the Flood was the baptism of the earth.


Orson Pratt teaches Flood was baptism of the earth.

Oct 16, 1858

Jones writes that God brought a flood upon the world.

Apr 2, 1859

LDS periodical writes Flood was baptism of the earth.

Apr 7, 1860

Samuel Francis writes that a deluge destroyed the world.


Brigham Young teaches the Flood was the baptism of the earth.


John Taylor gives his views on the Flood, seems to imply it was worldwide.

Sep 25, 1876

David McKay writes of a "universal deluge" at time of Noah.


Orson Pratt discusses Flood; says it was global, but not all at once.


Taylor teaches only "a very few" survived the Flood.


Orson Pratt teaches earth was baptized by Flood, will be cleansed with fire.

Sep 5, 1881

LDS periodical says entire population of the world except Noah and his family were destroyed by the Flood.

Oct 7, 1883

Taylor discusses the Flood, seems to imply it was global.


Wilford Woodruff teaches "all the inhabitants of the earth" perished in the Flood.

Nov 30, 1884

Taylor teaches Flood was global and served as the baptism of the earth.

Sep 29, 1890

Lorenzo R. Thomas writes about the Flood, seems to assume a worldwide deluge.

Jul 31, 1893

LDS periodical says the Flood "swept the earth."

Nov 1898

Fred W. Crockett writes of a "great deluge" at the time of Noah.

Aug 1904

Evans writes of a "universal deluge" at the time of Noah.

Apr 1908

Orson Whitney teaches the earth was baptized by the Flood.

May 1909

Charles W. Penrose teaches Flood was the baptism of the earth.

Jan 27, 1910

Charles W. Penrose teaches Flood was "a figure of baptism."

Nov 6, 1913

LDSMS, a Church periodical, says God brought "a deluge upon the earth."

Jun 23, 1921

James E. Talmage writes apostasy brought the Flood.

Jul 6, 1922

Church periodical calls Noah's Flood "universal".

Jan 24, 1929

George Albert Smith teaches a "great deluge" drowned inhabitants of the earth.

Jun 1940

John A. Widtsoe answers question about Flood; states global Flood but not of uniform depth; Flood was baptism of Earth.

Dec 4, 1941

Periodical says "all the world" was covered at the Flood and God drowned "all the people" on the earth.


Reprint of 1940 editorial by John A. Widtsoe on Noah's Flood.

Oct 1947

Richards teaches "the whole earth" was flooded in Noah's day.

Oct 1952

Spencer W. Kimball preaches on the Flood; says there was "no precedent" for a deluge to cover the earth.


W. Cleon Skousen argues for a global Flood; says the Flood was the earth's baptism.


Joseph Fielding Smith provides extended argument for literal global Flood.

Feb 1954

Church magazine says Noah's Flood was baptism of the earth.


Joseph Fielding Smith teaches Flood was the baptism of the earth.


McConkie argues in favor of a global Flood in Mormon Doctrine.

Dec 1966

Smith teaches "only Noah" and his family were saved from the Flood.

Dec 1966

Q&A in Church periodical says Flood was universal, baptism of the earth.

Oct 1969

Dyer says "all living" people on earth destroyed by the Flood.


Christopher Gregory Weber discusses scientific evidence against a global Flood.


LDS Institute manual chapter on the patriarchs, including Noah and Flood.

Sep 1980

F. Kent Nielsen makes scientific arguments which allow for a "worldwide" Flood.

Apr 1981

Rector likens days of the Noah to contemporary society; appears to assume a global flood.

May 1981

Howard W. Hunter teaches the Flood "encompassed the earth."


James R. Christianson writers on the Flood from an LDS perspective; attempts to harmonize it with modern science.

Jan 1998

Donald W. Parry argues for a worldwide Genesis Flood.

Feb 1998

Joseph B. Romney gives overview of life of Noah; says Flood was universal, baptism of the earth.


Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament entry for kōl giving its various definitions.


HALOT entry for ʾāreṣ.

Oct 2004

Duane E. Jeffery writes on the Flood in LDS thinking, highlights theology and problems with fundamentalist views.


Clayton M. White and Mark D. Thomas discuss issues pertaining to Flood story; summarize scientific evidence against a global Flood.


Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley summarize evidence for an ancient earth and against a global Flood.


Phil Senter summarizes scientific consensus on geological evidence against a global Flood.


David R. Montgomery gives geological survey of the evidence against a global Flood from the Grand Canyon.


Noah was ordained to the priesthood by Methuselah.


1 Peter 3:18–21 (KJV) makes reference to Noah and eight others being save from the Flood, which is likened unto baptism.


Genesis 9 (KJV), narrating the post-Flood life and death of Noah.


Genesis 6 (KJV), narrating prelude to the Flood.


Hebrews 11:6–7 (KJV), mentions Noah being warned by God of the Flood.


Genesis 7 (KJV), narrating account of the Flood.


Gospel of Matthew records Jesus mentioning Noah (Noe) and the Flood; likens it to 2nd Coming.


Jesus mentions condition of the earth at the time of Noah (Noe).


Genesis 8 (KJV), narrating the Flood.


Moses 7:42–46, account in the PoGP records Enoch seeing the Flood and Noah in vision.


Moses 8:8–30, the PoGP account of the life of Noah.


Genesis 5:28–32 (KJV), narrating birth and life of Noah.


2 Peter 2:4–5 (KJV), mentions Noah as preacher of righteousness, and the flood upon the world.


Martin J. S. Rudwick gives history behind the rise of modern geology and summarizes its impact on understanding the age of the earth and Noah's Flood.


LDS Monograph exploring ancient and scientific aspects of the Flood.

Feb 2014

Ensign article on Noah summarizes biblical account.


Paul Y. Hoskisson and Stephen O. Smoot review LDS views on the Flood, question idea of Flood as baptism of the earth.


Carol Hill et al. summarize geological evidence against a young earth from the Grand Canyon.


Tim Mackie and Aeron Sullivan summarize biblical cosmology for popular internet audience.


LDS seminary manual for the OT; chapter on Noah's Flood.

Feb 10, 2021

BioLogos reviews the Noah story in its ancient context.


LDS website "Guide to the Scriptures" entry on Noah's Flood.


Young Earth Creationist website uses geological features of Grand Canyon to argue for a young earth and global Flood.


LDS Gospel Topics essay on Noah and the Flood.


Bible Dictionary entry on Noah.

Jan 26, 2022

Ben Spackman summarizes his views on the Flood as being in the genre of "myth."