Moroni's Visit to Joseph Smith

79 Primary Sources

Sep 21, 1823

GML hosts a NOAA solar calculator that says sunset on 9/21/1823 was at 6:09 p.m.

Jun 17, 1829

JS uncle writes to HS expressing skepticism of JS story about angel.

Aug 1829 - Jan 1830

TW statement; say were shown plates by an angel.

Aug 31, 1829

Rochester Daily Advertiser reprints report of Moroni visit and Joseph finding plates.

Sep 5, 1829

The Gem publishes a contemporary non-Mormon report of Moroni visitation to Joseph.

Apr 6, 1830

D&C 20 from Revelation Book 1, mentions Moroni as an angel.

Jun 18, 1830

Diedrich Willers provides an early reaction to Joseph's claims of having seen an angel.

Oct 23, 1830

Salamander Letter, forged by Mark Hofmann.

Nov 5, 1830

EB journal entry in 1830; conversation with JS Sr. about JS's heavenly visitations.

Dec 4, 1830

Republican Advocate in December 1830 reports on Moroni's visit to Joseph.

Dec 14, 1830

Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph says angel appeared in a dream to Joseph Smith.

Mar 7, 1831

Evangelical Inquirer (March 1831) publishes David S. Burnett's description of Moroni as a "ghost."

Oct 27, 1831

Booth reports how JS described Moroni's appearance.


Joseph Smith's 1832 history describing Moroni visit.

Oct 10, 1832

Boston Republican reports that Moroni appeared in dream or vision to Joseph.


Peter Bauder reprints his interview with Joseph; reports Joseph's search for "secret treasure."

Oct 1834

Moroni described as an angel.

Oct 1834

Willard Chase's statement to E.D. Howe calls Moroni a "spirit."

Oct 1834

Willard Chase describes the angel Joseph saw as a toad.

Oct 1834

Leman Copey depicts Moroni as treasure guardian.

Dec 1834

Oliver Cowdery letter to W. W. Phelps describing JS early religious experiences.


In a revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord references Moroni's visit to Joseph.

Feb 1835

Oliver Cowdery's "letter IV," printed in Messenger and Advocate, on visit of Moroni's visit to Joseph.

Feb 1835

OC discusses scriptures recited to JS by angel.

Apr 1835

Oliver Cowdery describes scriptures recited to Joseph by Moroni.

Apr 1835

Messenger and Advocate publishes Oliver Cowdery's letter naming Moroni as the angel who appeared to Joseph.

Nov 9, 1835

Joseph's 1835 history describing Moroni's visit.

Aug 11, 1836

Ohio Observer publishers Truman Coe's description of Joseph's claims; mentions angel and vision.

Jul 1838

David W. Patten connects Moroni with the Book of Mormon.

Jul 1838

Joseph identifies Moroni as the angel who gave him the BOM in the Elders' Journal.


Curtis description of JS sermon; mentions angel.

Jun 1839

Joseph's 1838 history narrative of Moroni visit.

Jun 1839

Joseph explains he is composing a history to combat misinformation.

Jun 1839

Joseph's 1838 history identifies angel as Nephi.

Jun 26, 1839 - Aug 4, 1839

Joseph gives a discourse identifying Moroni as the angel who delivered the Book of Mormon.

Aug 4, 1839

Joseph identifies Moroni as one who revealed the Book of Mormon.


Orson Pratt's account of Moroni visit with Joseph.

Aug 31, 1840

John A. Clark reports Martin Harris's account of Moroni's visit.

Mar 1, 1842

Joseph's 1842 letter, printed in the Times and Seasons, describes visit of angel.

Apr 15, 1842

Joseph's1842 history identifying angel as Nephi.

Aug 1842

Parley P. Ppratt identifies angel as "Nephi" in editorial remarks in Millennial Star.

Aug 1842

Times and Seasons reprints Joseph's history which calls angel "Nephi."

Sep 7, 1842

Joseph's1842 letter stating Moroni revealed the Book of Mormon.

Mar 1, 1843

Times and Seasons reprints D&C 27:5 that identifies the angel with "Moroni."


LMS offers account of M visitation.


Lucy Mack Smith conflates First Vision and Moroni visit.


Lucy Mack Smith repeats T&S identification of angel as Nephi.

Aug 15, 1848

OP identifies M as angel who appeared to JS.


William I. Appleby recounts Moroni's visit to Joseph.


Pearl of Great Price 1851 printing of name of angel as Nephi.

Feb 1853

T.B.H. Stenhouse's French translation of Joseph Smith History names angel "Nephi."

Apr 6, 1853

Parley P. Pratt identifies Moroni as angel who visited Joseph.

Oct 1, 1853

Jaques retells Moroni visitation; calls angel Nephi.

Nov 5, 1859

William Jefferies retells angel visit to Joseph; calls angel Nephi.

Aug 16, 1862

Joseph Knight Jr. recounts that Joseph spoke of having a vision of an angel.

Apr 24, 1866

Brigham Young, in a letter to his son, explains discrepancy about the angel being called Nephi or Moroni.


Pomeroy Tucker's account of Joseph's vision of Moroni.

Apr 1867

London Quarterly Review, a non-LDS periodical, publishes a review calling the angel "Nephi."

Dec 5, 1869

George Q. Cannon says Joseph was visited by both Moroni and Nephi.

May 1870

Fayette Lapham retells account from Joseph Smith Sr. of Moroni being a bloody ghost.

Apr 8, 1875

John Taylor says that both Nephi and Moroni visited Joseph.

Mar 11, 1876

Orson Pratt gives reason for discrepancy about angel's name.

Jul 29, 1877

John Taylor says that both Nephi and Moroni visited Joseph in a sermon from 1877.

Dec 18, 1877

Orson Pratt and Joseph F. Smith report to John Taylor on identity of angel.

Apr 30, 1879

Wilhelm Ritter von Wymetal claims that Joseph was visited by a bleeding ghost.

Dec 7, 1879

John Taylor teaches, in a 1879 sermon, that both Moroni and Nephi visited Joseph.

Aug 1880

Frederic G. Mather describes angel Moroni as appearing to Joseph.

Jun 5, 1881

Kansas City Journal publishes David Whitmer recollection of how he learned about Joseph and the plates.


William Smith recounts Joseph telling family about the angel; conflates this event with the First Vision.

Sep 1884

BS says a toad transformed into an angel.

Aug 27, 1892

Zion's Ensign prints William Smith's reports of Joseph's description of the visitation of Moroni.

Apr 11, 1895

Kansas City Times reprints Katharine Smith Salisbury's reminiscence of Moroni's visit to Joseph.


JCW recalls that MW incorrectly ID'd Moroni as Nephi.

Aug 1985

Donald L. Enders offers summary of Joseph log house reconstruction.

Jan 24, 1987

RAJ of LAT reports MH admission to forgery.

Sep 11, 2013

Church website showing artwork depicting Moroni's visitation to Joseph while his siblings were in bed.

Apr 18, 2018

Ensign publishes artwork of Moroni appearing to Joseph who was in bed with siblings.


Church publishes a manual on the Doctrine and Covenants of a painting of Moroni visiting Joseph; Joseph's siblings depicted as being in bed.

Jan 21, 2021

Church artwork showing Moroni visiting Joseph Smith with siblings in bed.