Teachings on Animal Spirits

29 Primary Sources

4000 BC

KJV states God blessed the animals.

4000 BC

TS, an animal, beguiles E.

1100 BC

BA speaks to Balaam.

721 BC

I text says wolf and lamb, leopard and kid, calf and lion, shall dwell together.

700 BC

S says righteous men regard the life of their beasts.

60 - 70 AD

JC says humans are worth more than many sparrows.

70 - 70 AD

J sees creatures give glory to God; four beasts are specifically mentioned in Heaven.

Sep 1830

JS revelation says all things created spiritually.

Sep 30, 1830

JS teaches both a spiritual and temporal creation for all things.

Jan 30, 1831

JW records JST regarding animal growth.

Mar 4, 1832 - Mar 20, 1832

JS clarifies that beasts in Revelation 4:6 are individual beasts.

Feb 27, 1833

JS shares the WoW counsel on eating animals.

May 26, 1834

JS counsels against killing animals except to preserve from hunger.

Apr 8, 1843

JS describes beasts in heaven based on Revelations.

Apr 8, 1843

JS speaks of animals in heaven, including those from other worlds.

Apr 8, 1843

JS speaks on God understanding the beasts in heaven: they were intelligent beings, giving glory.

Aug 3, 1844

BY speaks a different, unknown language to oxen.

Feb 1, 1853

OP alludes to animal spirits and God having created their spirits like those of men.

Feb 1853

OP says that the Lord created the spirits of both animals and vegetables.

Mar 13, 1854

JS speaks on the salvation of beasts.

May 13, 1871

GQC says God will judge cowards and tyrants who abuse or inflict pain on animals.

Jul 19, 1877

BY counsels parents to stop children from eating meat, especially fat meat.


JS clarifies beasts in Heaven.


JFS teaches the resurrection of animals.


JFS says animals are created spiritually in heaven.


JFS explains that spirits of animals were created spiritually long before the physical creation.

Mar 4, 1979

ETB counsels to pay more attention to the Word of Wisdom, particularly eating more vegetables, fruits, and grains.


Christ, while resurrected, ate fish and honeycomb.

Feb 2021

JFS explains cruelty toward animals disqualifies people from the companionship of the Holy Spirit.